PC Recycle is right around the corner, a phone call away. We provide a pick-up and drop-off service for every individual who is concerned about keeping our land-fills free from e-waste. And if we can’t help you we will find you someone local in our network of responsible recyclers.

Residents: Cleaning out Home and Storage
here was a time when a two car garage was used to park cars, protecting it from the outdoor seasons. Today most cars are parked on the driveway and our garages are filled with memories, half-finished projects, great deals and things we just seem to collect until moving day.
If you attempt to clean your garage or empty out that storage unit, PC recycle is only a call away. CALL US: 805.499.0050


For more information or service pricing email us at: or
call us: +1 805 499 0050

For all recycling we provide upon request a CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING or CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION based on your enterprise requirements..